Europlak officially born in 1972. The company was a spin of the Piccioni Family, from a single furniture shop called “Mobilificio Piccioni ”. They were producing and selling furniture and furniture components. In 1972 they built up a new company exclusivity dedicated to produce furniture components in order to manufacture them and sell them to othe furniture shop. They decided to place Europlak where it is today, in Teramo.

Day by day the production was increasing and the company intregrate itself with a new division to go directly to the market. The division name was “Europlak Notte”. “Notte” in italians means “Night”. This division was responsible to produce, develop and sell modern bedroom and cabinet for young children. In 1986 Europlak built up a new division “Europlak Cucine”. Europlak Cucine is the division that takes care about the manufacturing, development and selling of kicthen. In 1989, because of the opening of the east european markets Europlak starts to export, especially in Russia. Europlak, since the beginning, choose to integrate himself with some of the local distibutors, building local joint ventures. Today Europlak has different joint venture abroad:

  • Europrestige (Russia)
  • Euroconfort (Russia – second brand )
  • Europlak India Limited (India)
  • Europlak USA (USA)
  • Europlak Ucraine (Ukraine)
  • Europlak Tunisia (Europlak Tunisia)
  • EK Italian Design (Romania)

Today the Europlak ITALY key facts are :

  • 140 Employee
  • 35 MLN euro Revenues
  • 14.000 kicthens per year
  • 5.000 bedrooms per year
  • 45.000 smq facilities
In the catalogue you will find all Europlak models:
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